Experience Germany 2007...

In summer 2006 an idea was born...

The FIFA Football World Cup was a wonderful event ? not only for the sport! Millions of visitors had traveled to Germany in order to support their national football teams, to watch and enjoy exciting football matches and to form part of the one big party which had spread all over our country for one month. Germany was the place where people of all ages and all nationalities could make friends and many of our guests were able to see how international and how full of variety today?s Germany, the modern Germany really is!

...the idea to study German and to visit the country!

During the summer of 2006 it was very easy to experience Germany and to see the country! Every day football matches from 12 different German cities were broadcasted on television. The game locations, presented in the media every day, quickly developed a special attraction ? also for our students. And even those who were not football enthusiasts in particular, went on a trip through Germany on the weekends, because there is much to see: from the Hamburg harbor in the very north to the Cologne cathedral in the west. Every city has world famous attractions and a special charm. Besides other cities especially Munich and Frankfurt as well as the German capital Berlin have been our participants? favorite places.

The whole team of did deutsch-institut was enthusiastic about the idea to combine studying with traveling: Learn German ? Discover Germany has always been our motto. Having invested a lot of effort to coordinate our course structures, syllabuses and work schedules even more thoroughly, we now offer our adult participants the possibility to spend their language stay not only in one but in two or three different course locations: in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. It has never been easier to study the German language without loosing time and information while experiencing different German cities, regions and landscapes at the same time. With us students have the possibility to repeat the summer 2006 all through the year 2007.

Visit 3 great cities and discover Germany!

Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, 3 institutes, 3 cities, 3 possibilities to discover Germany! Participants who want to experience their host country as much as possible should choose our special offer 3X and visit up to 3 locations during their language stay. The minimum stay at one location is 2 weeks. After this changing to another location is possible without additional costs.

All did deutsch-institutes offer a coordinated pedagogical concept allowing to swap course locations without any problems. Curricula and teaching materials in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich are coordinated. If a participant changes the city he/she can continue the studies

with the same materials. Except on level A1 a change of locations is possible year-round. With this new program we offer our customers the possibility to flexibly combine type, duration and location of their courses:

/// Course duration can be chosen individually for each course location.
/// The minimum duration (a student has to stay) in one location is two weeks.
/// No additional charge for accommodation service!
/// No loss of information when changing locations!

How to travel?

Please find current prices and special offers on:

Trains: www.bahn.de
Planes: www.lufthansa.de

Price Examples

Prices do not include accommodation

More Information

Please contact us under 3xgermany@did.de for more information about this program.