Gulcin Taskin, Istanbul, Turkey


It‘s been more than 15 years I know DID.

When we decided to send students to Germany , I have met with DID as an institution organise the summer courses for the specific ages 12-17 years old and adults for the whole year. We started the co-operation.

When they offered a fam trip starting from Berlin after the workshop I accepted to attend it and come back to my country with unforgettable memories, a nice feeling to meet very nice and trustable people like Ms. Madeleine Koetter and Mr.Hubert Koetter as well as the team they work with.

But the main and unforgottable experience we faced together was the bad traffic accident of one of our student faced at Aschaffenburg. This bad experience finished with a good story but I have noticed how our kids are safe with DID by the help of their attitudes during the tiring and stressfull period . They also refund the course fee and they looked after the parents of the kid very well too. Now the actor of the accident became a young and healthy man. When I think of those dates I always feel that how I have been lucky to be in this business which opens me many gates to get know such people and institutions like the ones working in did deutsch-institut.

As a member of an agency (GENCTUR) who celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2009 ,I do appreciate and understand how every person at DID can proud of it deeply to celebrate 40th year.

Congratulation and wish you more success with many new steps and of course with us !!!

Gulcin Taskin
Language programs Co-ordinator of genctur