Our Teaching Methods

What is the fastest way to learn German? By speaking German – all day would be best! This is why your teacher will speak to you only German from the first day of class. From the first day of class? Yes, but don’t worry – our teaching methods will make speaking, understanding and participating in class easy for you, because you don’t have to cram for understanding grammar, you’ll practice it! Vocabulary is not translated but will be trained and thus internalized almost effortlessly. This way you learn the language in communicative situations and you will be able to use your knowledge right away. You will understand how our language training is guiding you, step by step, towards your goal – which is: speaking German fluently.

The classroom is oriented towards an objective and the teacher is always focusing on a specific topic. Depending on what should be done in class, you will work on your own or in a small group. You will use authentic texts of current interest and modern textbooks. Furthermore, a variety of learning stages with discussions, role play, dialogues as well as the individual and specific use of media will give a fresh impulse to studying the language. The teachers also make frequent use of instructional films and DVDs. Do you still have any questions? In this case – just visit the Self-Study Center, it is available every Wednesday and it is for free. Here our teacher will help you with the homework or preparing for an exam.

Our teachers are our assets

A German saying goes: The best German is the one coming from the heart… We cannot argue this – because for us, too, German is a matter of the heart! Learning a language is far more than stringing together some words and sentences – it is a very complex combination of different communicative elements. In order to learn and to master these, you need diligence, practice, and a committed teacher! If you study at did deutsch-institut, you’ll notice immediately our teachers’ dedication and enthusiasm when helping the students to reach their study goals. You’ll see – with their openness and understanding our teachers will also encourage you to speak the German language in no time.

All the teachers at did deutsch-institut hold university degrees, they are native speakers, and specially trained in teaching German as a Foreign Language. Many of our teachers also studied or worked abroad and for this reason they have a great deal of experience cooperating with people from different cultural backgrounds. And although German is the only language spoken in classroom – it may be good to know that many teachers speak several languages and will gladly help you out in another language if you have any problems. Then, however, you should immediately switch back to German, according to the words of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche: You’ll serve your teacher poor if you’ll always remain his student.

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