German Courses in Wiesbaden

The Hessian state capital of Wiesbaden lies between the Taunus and the Rhine and is known for its elegance and Mediterranean flair. The most important sites, like the gambling house, the Market Church, the Old City Hall and the City Castle, are located only a few meters from one another. Neroberg offers the most beautiful view of the city.



+++ UPDATE +++

In summer 2022 no courses will take place in Wiesbaden. Please find further information on German Courses in 2022 here:

German Summer Camps 2022 in Germany and Austria




Age group:
14 - 17 years


Course length:
1 - 4 weeks




German course:
20 lessons


Course levels:
A1 - C1


Leisure program:
Entry fees included


Host family


3 meals per day

German Courses for Youth in Wiesbaden

German Summer Course
Course Offerings

German Summer Course

You learn with participants from around the world in small groups. Your teachers design the course to be varied and communicative, so that you can make rapid progress.

Host family

Host family

In our carefully selected host families you have the awesome experience of getting to know the local culture first hand. You can use the language outside of class and are exposed to authentic expressions.

Leisure program

Leisure program

In and around Wiesbaden there are lots of sites and attractions to discover. During our afternoon leisure program and Saturday day trips you can get to know the region together with other participants.

German Language School Wiesbaden

did deutsch-institut Wiesbaden
Adolfsallee 59
65185 Wiesbaden

Stadt und Schule

State: Hesse
Population: 275 000

Service and Facilities

  • qualified teachers and support personnel
  • bright spacious classrooms
  • Shopping center across from the school
  • centrally located near the train station

Nationality Mix

1. Spain 12 %6. Japan 6 %
2. Brazil 10 %7. Switzerland 5 %
3. Turkey 9 %8. Russia 5 %
4. Mexico 7 %9. Poland 4 %
5. Thailand 7 %Other: 35 %