Student Residence Munich

Our student residence is conveniently located in the western part of the city. Only a few minutes away from the dorm you can find a large supermarket and several casual restaurants. The Westendstraße subway station is in the immediate neighborhood, so within 10 minutes you can be at school or in Munich's city center.


Age Group:
18 and older

Distance to school:
10 minutes

Room types:
Single (approx. 20 m2)

private in room

own kitchenette

free wifi

Laundry room:
available (free use)

incl. biweekly

Sunday, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday, 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.


Student Residence München


Accommodation Prices

Studentenwohnheim1week 2weeks 3weeks 4weeks --weeks
1-Zimmer-Apartment 18 - 26 Jahre--
1-Zimmer-Apartment 27 Jahre plus--
Doppelzimmer 18 - 26 Jahre--
Doppelzimmer 27 Jahre plus--

  • Damage deposit (refundable): 200 €
  • High season surcharge (28.06. - 22.08.2020): 20 € per week
  • Double room Come2gether: Only for participants traveling together
  • Additional nights upon request only
  • One-way transfer to/from airport (MUC) or main train station: 80 €

Important Information



All rooms are furnished with:

  • Fold out bed (63 in x 79 in), large wardrobe for storing clothing
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet en suite
  • Kitchenette with eating area
  • HD TV

Worth knowing

  • You will receive fresh towels and bed linens upon arrival.
  • Exchange and laundering of towels/bed linen every two weeks.
  • Washing machines, dryers, iron and ironing boards available free of charge
  • Extra cleaning service is available for a fee.
  • Cleaning equipment can be borrowed from the custodian.
  • You are personally responsible for basic cleaning, trash sorting and trash disposal!
  • If key is lost, call the did emergency number.
  • The building does not have groceries or beverages (for example, coffee, tea).

Imortant Information for the Check-in

Imortant Information for the Check-in

The building does not have a receptionist on weekends. In order to enter the building, before you arrive download the app JustIN on your cell phone (Android or IOS). You will find an automatic check-in machine on the building. You will need your ID. If the machine does not recognize your ID after three tries, you will need to enter your reservation number. The machine will then give you your apartment key.

Should you lose your key card, contact the custodian or use the automatic key card box. The box will ask for your PIN and will then give you a new key card. Please note, there is a 150 € charge for a lost key if security needs to be called to open the door.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

Please note that no-cost reservation changes and cancellations may be made up to six weeks (42 days) prior to date of arrival. Changes or cancellations made after that date will result in a 600 € fee. After arrival, cancellations are possible subject to the submission of a four-week (28 day) notice. The notice period shall begin on the first Saturday after request has been made. No refunds will be granted during the notice period. The original stay may only be extended based on availability.

did-deutsch institut reserves the right in cases of unacceptable uncleanliness or contamination to have living units cleaned at the expense of the occupants. Cleaning costs incurred will depend upon the extent and frequency of efforts required to bring the unit back to its original state of cleanliness at the time the occupants took occupancy.

Value Added Tax (MwSt)

Value Added Tax (MwSt)

Individuals between the ages of 18-26 are exempt from value added tax (MwSt). For participants at least 27 years old at the time of booking, did deutsch institut must charge the legally required value added tax. As a result, accomodation charges for these participants will be higher.


Security deposit and liability insurance

Security deposit and liability insurance

Before arrival you will pay a damage deposit of 200 €. This will be refunded as long as your room is in order and nothing has been damaged or lost. The refund will be made by wire transfer. You are responsible for any wire transfer charges incurred.

Additionally, all residents of the student residence must provide proof of renter's liability insurance coverage. If you do not own this type of insurance already, it can be purchased online here: Care Concept Care Protector. Individuals without insurance coverage are not allowed to live in the student residence.