Leisure Program Munich

In Munich there is a lot to see. Monday through Friday afternoons the leisure program consists of a combination of city exploration, museum visits, sports and entertainment. On Saturday, we will travel to another large city and spend the whole day underway.


SundayTime for friends / tidying upArrival / placement test / swimming or sportsIcebreaker
MondayPlacement test / ClassesEntertainment (i.e., Sea Life or bouldering)Munich by night
TuesdayClassesCity exploration (i.e., Cathedral of Our Lady and shopping)Movie night
WednesdayClassesMuseum visit (i.e., German Museum or Pinakothek)Time for friends
ThursdayClassesCity exploration (i.e., university and shopping)Games and sports
FridayClassesBehind the Scenes (i.e., Allianz Arena or BMW factory)Party
SaturdayDeparture or full-day excursion Time for friends

So you can get an idea of what the daily schedule is like, take a look at this example (modifications possible). Here is a PDF link with further information.

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