STM editorial assistant learns German

did deutsch-institut Munich

At the Study Travel Magazine (STM) Star Award Ceremony 2012 in London, did deutsch-institut was chosen as the best German language school for the fifth time and was at the same time inducted into the STM Su­per Star Hall of Fame. By way of thanks, did deutsch-institut gave all the guests a gift certificate for a two-week German course.

Claire Twyman, editorial assistant for the English Study Travel Magazine, took this invitation seriously, and tells here of her experience of two weeks German course at did deutsch-institut Munich and her newly formed impressions.

„Having worked for Study Travel Magazine (STM) for a year now (an anniversary marked with cake, Hothouse Media style!), I recently experienced the international student lifestyle in the historical German city of Munich.

When did deutsch-institut entered the STM Superstar Hall of Fame at last year’s STM Star Awards ceremony for winning the STM Star German Language School category a maximum of five times, I was delighted that the school offered attendees a free two-week German language course at any of their schools in Germany as I’ve been learning German on and off for the past few years.

As we report in the forthcoming March issue of STM, business is booming for German language schools at the moment (turn to page 59 for the market analysis feature if you already have your hands on a copy of the issue). The German economy has remained resilient in the face of the Eurozone crisis and the country is therefore attracting students seeking employment opportunities from Europe.

I, on the other hand, enrolled on the course purely for pleasure, and I felt that I gained a fresh outlook on the industry by the end of the course. In terms of my German language skills, admittedly I didn’t think that there was room for real improvement within a two-week timeframe, but I can now construct nominative, accusative and dative sentences with comparative ease. This, I believe, is testament to the dedication of the teachers at did Munich and the general organisation at the school and I am glad I experienced this first-hand. A good proportion of students told me they also booked their course through agents, who often gave support beyond their usual services such as assistance with booking train tickets for travel across Europe in between studies.

Many of the friends I made at the school were Brazilian (a good source market for language schools worldwide), a country I have never visited before, and I now have some familiarity with Brazilian culture and have even picked up a little bit of Portuguese slang! Some of my Brazilian friends told me that they were at the school because there are a lot of German businesses in Brazil and they wanted to pick up German linguistic skills to advance their careers upon their return, but they also benefitted from making friends from around the world and from being exposed to new cultures which is perhaps something that they did not anticipate.

As for me, I found Munich to be a charming city that offered the perfect warm-up for Christmas with its famous Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market), Glühwein (mulled wine) and inches of snow, and German people are generally very pleasant and are not adverse to striking up a conversation with foreigners on the U-Bahn. And aside from my improved German language skills I also have made more friends from around the world which is a great excuse to do some more travelling!

With this experience under my belt I am even more excited to see how the industry will develop in the coming years as educators and agents help more students gain this invaluable experience.“

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