Ekaterinas' Experience

Study location: Hamburg
Course: Intensive Course - Duration: 8 weeks
Accommodation: Student Residence
Country of Origin: Russia


Why do you want to learn German?
You can’t live anywhere, if you don’t know the language (native). First of all, I won a scholarship, and after that I understood that I would have a great opportunity to learn German with native speakers. And I know that after this course I will speak in German.

Why did you choose did deutsch-institut?
Because it is one of the best German language schools in Germany.

Why did you choose Hamburg?
did deutsch-institut is located next to the university where I will be doing my Masters.

What’s your favorite place to visit after class?
I like to go to the Rathaus square, which has a lake (Alster lake).

What are your personal recommendations for cultural entertainment?
There is a special person at did deutsch-institut responsible for organising cultural excursions and other leisure time activities. Inside did deutsch-institut there is a schedule for these activities. It is easy: To take part, you only have to enroll in a list.

What is a must-do in Hamburg?
You need to buy tickets for public transportation. It is really important.

Which meal /drink is not to be missed in Hamburg?
You have to try all the national dishes.

Which sights are a must in Hamburg?
You have to experience the city at all times, at night also!

Which souvenir are you takeing home?
I’m taking home a T-Shirt as a souvenir.

What was your best experience in Germany?
Using the U-Bahn (subway) ;-)

What is typically German?
Sausages and beer.

What is your favorite German word?
Stimmt (that‘s right) and Moin Moin (special expression in northern parts of Germany for saying “Hello”)!

Your summary of your stay in Germany:
You can try to understand and learn the German language only here, inside the country. It is a very beautiful language filled with emotion and expression! I like it.