University Pathway Germany

The did deutsch-institut University Pathway Service is designed to assist participants who would like to study at a university in Germany. Our service will help you find the right higher education institution and prepare you for university or preparation year (Studienkolleg). We will support you with your visa application and walk you through the entire application process.


Age Group:
from 17 years

Lessons per week:
20, 24 or 28 x 45 minutes

Course Levels:
A1 - C2

year-round, 1 to 48 weeks

Start dates:
Every Monday

Students per class:
approx. 10 - 15

German for University Studies

Course Description:

  • Intensive language acquisition - from developing German language skills to acceptance at a German university
  • Free editing/review and creation of a timeline leading to semester begin
  • Support during the search for a German university placement
  • Evaluation of your university application documents
  • Support during the visa application process (VPD preliminary documentation review or conditional acceptance)

did deutsch-institut cooperates with various universities in Germany. We will forward your application to any school you choose, but cannot guarantee acceptance. Should you require a conditional acceptance into a Bachelor program, we can, under certain circumstances, guarantee you a placement at certain universities.


Find Programme & University
Fields of Study

Find Programme & University

In Germany there are over 17,000 courses of study. When booking our Pathway Program, did deutsch-institut helps you to apply at your desired university. On the website you can search for universities in Germany and suitable courses of study and read about the requirements of each.


01 Requirements

In Germany you are required to meet certain official university entrance requirements. After completing your language course, you may begin your studies immediately or may be required to visit a one-year preperation (Studienkolleg). When you book your University Placement Program we will review your application documents before they are submitted.

02 Financial Proof

As an important part of the visa application, all foreign students from non-EU nations must prove they can cover annual living costs (currently €11.208 per year) by providing a blocked account. In addition, adequate insurance coverage is needed, which can be purchased through our insurance provider. 

03 Visa

In order to study in Germany you must apply for the proper visa. Information regarding entry requirements can be obtained through the German foreign office in your home country. You can apply there for a student visa appropriate for language course attendance followed by subsequent university study.

Course Information

Direct Access

Our German courses can prepare you to study at a German university. Only if you successfully complete your German language course will you be allowed to apply to a university or university of applied sciences. Even if you already have a direct university admission certificate (direkte Hochschulzugangsberechtigung), you will still need to prove language proficiency at the C1 level (TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule) upon application.


Entrance qualifications

High school graduation certificate with at least 12 years of study, good grade point average
or 1 year university study in the home country

Visa applicationminimum 3 month waiting period
Visa type

Visa for University Study in Germany or
Visa for University Placement Search

German Course

A1 - C1: approx. 36 weeks

Exam preparationapprox. 4 weeks
ExamsTestDaF or
telc C1 Hochschule
University ApplicationSummer semester: until approx. February 15
Winer semester: until approx. July 15
University start dateSummer semester: April
Winter semester: October
Length of studyBachelors: 6 - 8 semesters
Masters: 3 - 4 semesters

Indirect Access

If you do not have a direct university admission certificate (more information at, you may only study in Germany through indirect admission and must first apply for a placement at a preparatory college (Studienkolleg). For this, you will need proof of language proficiency at the B2 (telc B2) level. German courses at did deutsch-institut can prepare you for this.


Entrance qualifications

recognized high school graduation certificate, good grade point average

Visa applicationminimum 3 month waiting period
Visa type

"Visa for University Study in Germany or
Visa for University Placement Search"

German Course

A1-B2: approx. 28 weeks

Exam Preparationapprox. 4 weeks
Examtelc B2

Admissions Test (German and math)
Duration: 1 year
Final assessment at the end of Studienkolleg

University start dateSummer semester: April
Winter semester: October
Length of studyBachelors: 6 - 8 semesters
Masters: 3 - 4 semesters

Conditional Acceptance Letter

In several countries, a conditional acceptance (bedingte Zulassung) or preliminary documentation review (Vordokumentationsprüfung - VPD) is required with the visa application. did deutsch-institut cooperates with different universities in Germany. We will gladly submit your application to the institution of your choice, but cannot guarantee an acceptance. Should you require a conditional acceptance, we can help under certain conditions:

  1. First, without obligation, we will evaluate your transcripts to determine the likelihood of being accepted. 
  2. After we have accepted you into our program, we will have you send us all of your completed university application documents.
  3. We will send you a bill with the program fees.
  4. After payment in full, we will begin the application procedures.
  5. The application phase lasts approx. 2-3 months. When complete, you will receive either a conditional acceptance or a VPD from uni-assist.
  6. With the conditional acceptance or VPD and the did invitation letter you will apply for your visa.
  7. After you arrive in Germany, we will help you register at the university.


Based on your current language level, you must choose the appropriate course length so that you will be able to reach certified proficiency at the B2 or C1 level.

Timetable creationapprox. 3 daysfree of charge
University Pathway Service
• Course length 8 - 15 weeks
• Course length 16 - 23 weeks
• Course length 24 - 38 weeks
1 - 3 months
800 €
700 €
600 €
Study Preparation Course2 - 9 monthsGeneral German Courses
TestDaF or telc preparation and exam1 monthExam Preparation
Studienkolleg Preparation Course*1 month600 €
Studienkolleg*1 year 
Bachelors or Masters program2 - 5 years 

* if you have no direct university admission certificate