General terms and conditions

Terms of registration | General information

Booking | Registration

The booking is realized by submitting a completed and signed registration form or online registration form. Minor participants (under 18 years of age) need the signature of their parents or legal guardians or acceptence of the terms and conditions on our website. The booking becomes binding after being confirmed in writing by did deutsch-institut, hereinafter referred to as did. With the registration the participant accepts all following general terms and conditions.

Change of booking

Changes of booking can be made free of charge only in case of upgrading a booked service, for example changing to a course with a higher number of weekly lessons. Changes of booking resulting in a downgrade of the originally booked services can be made until 4 weeks prior to the course start at an administration fee of 50,- €. If changes of booking are made at a later date than 4 weeks prior to the booked course start, did deutsch-institut reserves the right to charge a higher administration fee.

Cancellation prior to course start

All cancellations have to be submitted in writing. Until four weeks prior to the course start the cancellation fee will be 50,- €. After that, and until two weeks prior to the course start, did will charge a fee of 100,- €. For cancellations during the remaining 14 days prior to the course start the fee will amount to 250,- € (different terms apply for the High School Program where the cancellation fee will amount to 500,- € before the course start). Irrespective of the time the cancellation is received, did reserves the right to invoice the fees for booked services for accommodation and/or board in addition to the cancellation fee, either in part or to the full extent. If participants do not show up at the course start, the full amount for the course, accommodation, and all additional services have to be paid.

Cancellation after course start

Cancellations, in full or in parts, of services booked in advance such as tuition, accommodation, transfer etc. are not possible after course start. If a participant abandons the course for reasons unconnected with any fault on the part of did deutsch-institut, there will be no refund. A cancellation of the chosen type of accommodation is not possible within the first 4 weeks after arrival, unless there is a major fault on the side of did deutsch-institut. The cancellation of the chosen accommodation after arrival is only possible at the end of the fourth week if two weeks notice is given in writing. There will be no refund. The law governing termination for grave cause remains unaffected by these conditions of cancellation.

Cancellation for grave cause

The right of cancellation for grave cause, for instance in case of an acute health problem, an accident or death of relatives, is not affected by the terms of cancellation of did deutsch-institut. In any case we need reliable proof such as a certificate issued by a doctor or a public authority. Adequate reasons for refund given, did deutsch-institut will refund all fees less the bank charges to the person, institution or agency that made payment to did deutsch-institut beforehand.

Health | Insurance

did can only accommodate healthy participants in all programs who do neither have to follow diets nor require medical treatment. All participants are obliged to inform did immediately in case of possible infectious diseases. At the time of registration, all participants have to show proof of a valid insurance coverage for Germany or have to take out a liability, accident and health insurance policy through did. The insurance coverage will be valid during the participant’s entire stay in Germany and also covers possible visits to other countries of the European Union (except the participant’s home country). The insurance rates from 2023 will amount to 12,- € per week from Sunday to Saturday.


An undisputable, disciplined behavior of all participants towards host families, roommates, fellow students as well as the entire did staff is required at all times. In case of major violations against general customs – respectively school and house regulations – did reserves the right to terminate the contract without notice. In case of undisciplined behavior or violations of German laws (for instance theft, drug abuse, injuries to persons or damage of property), did reserves the right to exclude the participant from the course or program immediately. In this case, the expenses for premature departure have to be paid by the participant respectively the legal guardians. did will not refund any payments.

Responsibility and due diligence (care)

A booking for underage participants requires a written agreement signed by their parents or guardians. did deutsch-institut does not carry responsibility and care responsibility for underage participants. Especially employees, host families, guides and all other co-workers of did deutsch-institut cannot accept full responsibility for under age participants. did deutsch-institut does also not take responsibility for under age students at Residence Courses in Berlin, Frankfurt, Höchst, Munich, Weimar, Vienna. The responsibility of did deutsch-institut is limited to inform the legal guardians if the behavior of a participant gives reason to be worried. Only participants in good health can be accepted.


For any injury to a participant’s life, body or health, did deutsch-institut can only be held liable if this is due to the fault of did deutsch-institut. For any damage or injury caused by a participant, the participant is directly and immediately liable towards the aggrieved party. did deutsch-institut may have recourse in case of being held responsible for any damage or injury caused by a participant. did deutsch-institut does not take responsibility or care responsibility for minor participants. A written agreement signed by the parents or legal guardians (parental declaration) is required for the booking of all minor participants. did deutsch-institut is not liable for the loss or theft of any personal belongings of the participants.

Damages | Security deposit

With conclusion of this contract the participant agrees to accept the did deutsch-institut school and house rules. The rules determine that all participants treat the equipment of school and residence with due care. Any damage caused by intention or negligence of participants will be charged to these participants. They are directly liable for damages towards the aggrieved party. Participants have to furnish a security deposit of 50,- € if they register for a Residence Course and 200,- € if they opt for an apartment. The deposit will be withheld only in case of damage. If the damage exceeds the security deposit, additional compensation is charged. If there is no damage caused the deposit is paid back at the end of the course. If the deposit hadn’t been transferred in advance, it will be collected at the students’ arrival.

Subject matter of contract | Place of jurisdiction

Prices and scope of contractual services are binding according to the respective description in this price list. However, did reserves the right to non-detrimental program changes and to revise calculation, printing and translation errors. Any term or condition differing from what is written in this price list requires a confirmation in writing by did. In case a course or program is cancelled due to force majeure, did will not take any responsibility and will charge for services already rendered. In case did will have to cancel a course or program due to other reasons payments already made will be refunded. No further claims will be considered. Place and Court of Jurisdication is Frankfurt am Main. German law applies.

Data protection

did deutsch-institut collects, processes and uses personal data of the student for the purpose of fulfilling a contract concluded with the course participant as well as within the scope of legal permits and a data protection law, if applicable, granted to did deutsch-institut consent form. Further details can be found in the separate privacy policy, to which reference is expressly made.

The participant or the legal representative of a minor participant irrevocably and gratuitously agrees for all present and future media that the did deutsch-institut and contractually bound partners are entitled to create video, picture and sound recordings of the participant, be reproduced, sent or transmitted, and used in audiovisual media for advertising purposes of did deutsch-institut. Participants or underage participants who do not want to appear on video, picture or sound recordings, are asked to stay away from them when recording.

Tuition and activity program

Timetable | Duration of lessons

Tuition of all courses for participants under 17 years of age is generally held in the mornings. The same applies generally to our institutes in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. However, here classes may also be held in the afternoons, for instance during the peak booking season or when the school reaches its maximum capacity. In that case, should classes coincide with the leisure time activities, participants have no right of compensation for the missed activities. One lesson at did lasts 45 minutes. In group tuition classes are usually given as 90 minutes units. Please note that individual tuition (One-to-One Courses) can generally only be booked as double units of 90 minutes (2 lessons of 45 minutes each).

Course placement

Placement on arrival (placement test and interview) occurs during class time. A possible reduction in the number of weekly lessons due to placement testing does not entitle participants to claim compensation. On average the placement takes place within 2 lessons. During peak arrivals, the placement consists of 2 lessons (placement test and interview) and additional 2 lessons of a walk through the school and city tour (total 4 lessons).

Minimum number of participants

If the number of participants on one course level is under 4, did deutsch-institut reserves the right to reduce the weekly lessons by 20%. For Premium Courses a special rule applies. This course is an extension of the Intensive Course by 4 lessons. In case that only one participant is enrolled in a particular Premium Course level, two 45-minute private lessons (one-to-one tuition) will be offered instead of the normal four additional group lessons. In case that only one participant is enrolled in a telc Preparation Course, 10 private lessons will be offered instead of the regular 20 lessons of group tuition.In case that only one participant is enrolled in a Goethe Preparation Course, 9 private lessons will be offered instead of the regular 18 lessons of group tuition. If the number of participants booked on a TestDaF pereparatory course is under 3, did deutsch-institut reserves the right to reduce the weekly lessons by 50% or offer the course online.

For Augsburg Season Cours the following rules apply: With an enrollment of less than 3 students, the total number of weekly lessons will be reduced from 24 to 18. In this case, weekend excursions only occur every two weeks.

Minimum course participants in summer courses and camps

In case the minimum number of required participants in a specific course location is not met, we reserve the right to cancel the courses in this location. In that case, you will receive a 100% refund of fees already paid or take up the option of choosing an alternative location offered by did deutsch-institut and use the fees already paid for the new option. Should there be a cancellation of certain locations you will receive an information email no later than 31 days before the course start.

Arrival: We recommend that you book a flexible ticket which you can cancel easily. Should you incur cancelation or change fees from your airline / bus / train company because some did course locations are being cancelled, you are responsible for those costs. There will be no liability by did deutsch-intitut.

Bank holidays and annual closing

Private tuition not taking place due to German bank holidays will be compensated. Group tuition will be canceled.

January 01 countrywide
January 06 Augsburg / Munich
March 8 Berlin
March 29 countrywide
April 01 countrywide
May 01 countrywide
May 09 countrywide
May 20 countrywide
May 30 Augsburg / Frankfurt / Munich
August 08 Augsburg
August 15 Augsburg / Munich
October 03 countrywide
October 31 Hamburg
November 01 Augsburg / Munich

Annual closing

During the following periods did institutes remain closed. This offers participants the opportunity to spend Christmas at home. Courses booked within the annual closing period will be extended for the respective number of course weeks.

Winter 2023 / 202423.12.2023 to 07.01.2024
Winter 2024 / 202521.12.2024 to 05.01.2025

Activity program

The fees of our junior courses generally enclose an activity program. The number of activities included depends on the appropriate course type. However, in our four year-round schools in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich travel expenses as well as entry fees for certain excursions have to be borne by the participants. Others are free of charge. Please note, that if tuition in our year-round institutes overlaps with the activity program offered at the same time, participants do not have the right to claim a replacement. Participation in the activity program is obligatory for all participants attending a junior course. Adult participants in our year-round institutes are free to decide whether to take part in the activity program or not. If the number of participants enrolled in an activity or excursion at a year-round school (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or Augsburg) is under four, the activity/excursion may be deleted without replacement.


The examination regulations or terms and conditions of the respective examination institute apply: TestDaF terms and conditions / telc terms and conditions.

Absence | Interruption of school attendance

There will be no refunds in case of delayed arrival to a course or for non-attendance of classes. Such absence can not be compensated by an extension of the course period. An interruption of a course is possible only if the total length of course booked is 24 weeks or beyond. Within the course period, participants may apply for an interruption (two weeks in advance and in writing) of the course for a maximum period of two calendar weeks.

University Placement Program

In the case of unsuccessful placement at the initial university, a maximum of two further attempts at other universities will be undertaken. If all three placement attempts fail, due in no part to the fault of the participant, the service fee for placement, less an expense allowance of 400,- €, will be fully refunded. If the basis for the placement failure can be attributed to actions resulting from the participant’s behavior (i.e., incomplete application materials, a change in the desired course of study, visa refusal, etc.), no refund will be given. Cancellation fees for the language course correspond to the conditions set above. Placement will occur only after receipt of full payment of placement and course fees, and receipt of all application documents

Arrival, transfer and accommodation

Entry requirements and visa

Generally participants from all countries of the European Union will only need a valid identity card for traveling to Germany. Participants from other countries who may need to obtain a visa in order to stay in Germany may book the did visa service. In this case did will send the participant – after having received full payment – along with the confirmation of payment a letter of invitation. For the visa service, did will charge a service fee of 200,- Euro. The amount will be credited to the total course fee in case of a successful visa application. However, in case the application is rejected, did will refund the course fee in its entirety minus the bank, cancellation and visa service fees in order to cover administrative costs. We can only refund charges when the rejection of a visa is verified by an official notification of the embassy or consulate.

Transfer from / to station or airport

Participants arriving by plane have the option to book a transfer in order to be picked up by either a member of our team or their host. They will be attended to the residence or the host’s home by car or by public transport. Participants have to inform our staff as well as the host (in case of family accommodation) at least 2 weeks in advance about the time of their arrival, which should be between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Please do note that there is a surcharge for transfers prior to 8:00 am and after 8:00 pm. The same applies for all participants traveling as unaccompanied minors (UM). Please note that without notification of the exact time of arrival, we can’t guarantee, that hosts will be at home. Please contact us for transfers from train stations.

Accommodation in host families | Time of arrival

Participants with accommodation in host families are asked to inform their hosts one week in advance about the scheduled time of arrival. Otherwise did cannot guaranty, someone will be home at the time of arrival. Arrivals and departures should be scheduled between 8am and 8pm. All host families either live directly at the course location or in close vicinity. Participants can easily reach the school with public transport within 45 minutes of traveling time.



All complaints and afflictions of participants have to be reported to did deutsch-institut during the participants’ stay in Germany. Only then it is possible to provide timely solutions of problems related to tuition, accommodation etc.


Please note: Upon transmission of this booking, your contact information will automatically be included in our advertising database and you will begin being regularly informed of news items of possible interest. For example, you will immediately begin receiving our monthly online newsletter, which includes interesting, up-to-date articles, and many special offers. Of course, you may choose to opt out of the online newsletter at any time. Information on how to do so can be found at the end of every newsletter. Also, upon your request, we can erase your contact information from our advertising database completely. Please send e-mails requesting this to [email protected]

Conditions of payment


All Payments have to be settled in Euro (€). The full payment for all services booked (e.g. course, accommodation and additional services) must be credited to the did account at least two weeks after the invoice has been issued. In case the payment was not credited did reserves the right to cancel the contract automatically or to withhold details on accommodation such as the address of the host family, the person to contact, etc. All bank charges have to be paid by the participant and are due, if necessary, latest on the first day of the course or program. Please note that for technical and financial reasons we don’t accept credit card payments nor payments made by bank check.

Bank Details

Beneficiary: did deutsch-institut GmbH
Credit Institution: Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt am Main
Account Number: 094 163 300
Bank Code (BLZ): 500 700 10
IBAN: DE 7150 0700 1000 9416 3300

Validity of Prices | VAT

Generally all course prices given are valid from 01.01.2024 until 31.12.2024, and beyond this date, as long as the start of a chosen course program is within the time of validity. Irrespective of the booking date, the prices given are not valid for course programs starting after 31.12.2024 for which the appropriate prices for 2025 will be in effect. Prices for 2025 will be released in August 2024. The prices for all options of accommodation are solely valid from 01.01.2024 until 31.12.2024. The prices for the High School Program and Private High School Program are effective for the academic school year 2024 /2025 beginning in August and ending in July, that is from 01.08.2024 until 31.07.2025.

All did deutsch-institut courses are exempt of VAT (value added tax) pursuant to sec 4, no. 21(a)(bb) of the German Turnover Tax Act (UStG). did deutsch-institut is obliged by law to collect the statutory VAT of currently 19% on accommodation. We took this into consideration when calculating the prices. For services liable to VAT the taxes are already included in the published prices.

Right of Withdrawl

According to § 312g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB (German Civil Law Code) no right of withdrawl applies for services offerd by did. On the other hand, the special rights for withdrawl and cancellation for travels apply, as descirbed previously.