High School Germany

By attending a German school, you will have the early opportunity to get to know another education system, another country and, obviously, another language. Of course, you will also make a lot of new friends and experience a great deal of everyday life in Germany. 


Exchange Student in a German Public School

Age Group:
14 to 17 years

2 to 11 months

German Level B1/B2

Host family, full board

School type:
Gymnasium or comprehensive school

local did-coordinator

Your advantage as a did exchange student

  • Security for you and your parents based on more than 50 years experience.
  • Attend a school in Germany and gather experience as an exchange student
  • Integrate yourself and become part of a host family!
  • Improve your German skills and discover the German culture.
  • Experience adventure a long way from home.
Where can I attend school?

Where can I attend school?

Our program is located close to both large and small cities. In smaller cities, you will be most likely to live with a classic host family. In larger cities, the hosts are sometimes single individuals or those that have no children at home.

How do I become an exchange student in Germany?


You apply for a placement by sending us your completed registration form and language test results. We will be happy to recommend an agent in your home country to you and your parents that can support you during the application process.

After applying

After your application is complete, we will begin looking for a suitable host family and school. This process can take a while, because the school has to decide whether to accept you. This means, the better your application, the faster you will receive a positive response from the school.

Your exchange begins

Your German adventure starts and you begin gathering new experiences, forming new impressions and making new friends. Our handbook contains a summary of the most important information you will need for your stay.

What are the prerequisites?

What are the prerequisites?

  • The most important prerequisite is good German language ability at the B1 level.
  • You should be 14 - 17 years old at the start of the school term.
  • Good German language ability is important in order to be able to follow what is going on in class without difficulty.
  • You should be independent, flexible and open.
  • You should be ready to adjust to a new environment and new living situations.

What are the advantages of attending a German school?

What are the advantages of attending a German school?

  • The opportunity to attend secondary school in a German Gymnasium or comprehensive high school.
  • Depending on your age and German ability, you will be place in the 9 - 11 class.
  • You participate in regular instruction in a public school with German school children.
  • You develop self initiative and become more flexible and worldly!
  • You can stay from two months to an entire school year in Germany.

When do I need to apply?

When do I need to apply?

The school year in Germany begins in August or September, depending on the state in which you will be living. So that we have enough time to prepare for your exchange, your application must be submitted to us no later than May 15. If you only want to apply for a semester (half year), the application deadline for the desired semester is either May 15, or, if you will attend school beginning in January/February, November 15. Please note, we can only accept applications that are complete. This includes the placement test that will give us information about your German language skills in advance. If you have any questions about the application process, we are here to help.


How long does the exchange last?

How long does the exchange last?

You can attend a German school for two or three months as a guest if you like. The school stay varies depending on the vacation schedule of the individual German state and lasts 10-11 months in the case of an entire year visit, 5 - 7 months for a half year. The stay always includes respective school vacations. After successful completion of the school term, you will receive a certificate or grade report. Before you register for the exchange, you should clarify with your home school under what circumstances your German school attendance will be recognized and let us know what they require. 


Can I complete the Abitur in Germany?

Can I complete the Abitur in Germany?

If you would like to complete the Abitur in Germany, you can attend a boarding school (Internat), for example. In order to attend a boarding school or private school, you must have German language skills at the B2 level. The Abitur program lasts two years, so you need to plan a stay of between two and three years in order to complete it. We are happy to advise you of your options.

Ideal preparation for a successful boarding school or private school placement is our Preparation Course for Boarding School Stay. This course is suitable,as well, if you are preparing for a public school visit.

How does it work living with a host family?

How does it work living with a host family?

During your stay in Germany you will be living with a carefully selected host family. Here you will quickly feel at home, because right from the beginning, you will be seen as a regular family member and will be expected to take part fully in all aspects of family life. Our host families may be single individuals or couples with or without children. They may be employed full time or already in retirement so that they have more time for you. We visit our host families regularly and many already have years of experience hosting our students.

In addition to the rights, you will also have the same responsibilities of similarly aged German children and must follow the family rules. If you determine at the beginning of your stay that you and your host family do not get along, it is possible to switch families.

Your host family will provide you a double room and all meals. This means you will receive three meals a day (breakfast, sack lunch and dinner). More information can be found in our handbook.

Who looks after me in Germany?

Who looks after me in Germany?

In addition to your host family, if you have questions or concerns, the local did organizer is there to help. Your did organizer will welcome you when you arrive in Germany and be available during your entire stay for anything you might need. The two of you will meet regularly together.

You may also contact the program coordinator at any time. S/he can be reached via email ([email protected]) or telephone (+496924004560).


Am I insured during the visit?

Am I insured during the visit?

For legal reasons, we have put together for you an insurance package that covers health, accident and personal liability. The costs of the insurance are not included in the program price. Because this insurance is valid in all other EU countries, you may travel carefree in other EU countries during your stay. Please note that travel is only possible with preauthorization from did. 


Do I need a visa?

Do I need a visa?

International students need a visa regardless of length of stay or home country in order to attend a school in Germany. Generally:

  • School children from European Union nations do not need a visa.
  • Except in a very few special cases, school children from all other countries need a visa.

We will gladly help with further questions. After receipt of complete payment, you will be responsible for keeping all of your visa application documents. Please consult the current Germany Embassy regulations in your home country. 

Included in the price:

School registration

Host family and board

Local support

Visa service

did participation certificate

Grade report (after 5 months)

beginning at3.000 €

for 2 months

Prices, dates and regions

Classic: You can choose your desired regions, but we can not guarantee them.
Choice: You can choose your desired region or city and we guarantee your selection.

2 months3.000 €4.100 €
3 months3.900 €5.000 €
4 months4.800 €5.900 €
5 months5.700 €6.800 €
6 months6.600 €7.700 €
7 months7.500 €8.600 €
8 months8.400 €9.500 €
Academic year / 11 months10.700 €11.800 €


  • Accident, health and liability insurance: €12 per week (required)
  • Single room supplement: €100 month
  • Attendant's airport transfer for all locations: beginning at €175 - €300 (one way)
  • Learning materials in the school, may also be possible to borrow
  • Pass for public transportation

  • The stay begins on the Saturday/Sunday before school starts and ends one day after the last day of school
  • First school day = official school start
  • Last school day = official last day of school
StateFirst day '24Fall '24Christmas '24Winter '25Easter '25Pentecost '25Last day '25
Bavaria10.09.28.10. - - - - -
Berlin02.09.21.10. - - - - +
Brandenburg02.09.21.10. - - - - +
Lower Saxony05.08.04.10. - - - - +
NRW21.08.14.10. - - 06.01.-14.04. -
Rhineland Palatinate26.08.14.10. - - 08.01.-14.04. - 25.04.-04.07.
StateFirst day '23Fall '23Christmas '23Winter '24Easter '24Pentecost '24Last day '24
Bavaria12.09.30.10. - - - - -
Berlin28.08.23.10. - - - - 05.04.-17.07.
Brandenburg28.08.23.10. - - - - 05.04.-17.07
Lower Saxony17.08.16.10. - - - - +
NRW07.08.02.10. - - 05.01.-25.03 -
Rhineland Palatinate04.09.16.10. - - 05.01.-25.03. - 06.0421.05 -
StateRegionNext Airport
Lower SaxonyOldenburgBremen
Rhineland PalatinateMontabaur/KoblenzFrankfurt