German at a teacher's house

In the Deutsch Privat Program you have the opportunity to learn German in a familiar setting because the instruction takes place either in the trusted context of your host family or directly in the home of your teacher. Sometimes, the host family and the teacher are one and the same and the teacher carries out the instruction him/herself.


Deutsch Privat Program

Age group:
14 years and older

Course start date:
every Monday

Course levels:
A1 - C2

Length of lesson:
45 minutes

Class size:
individual instruction

Teaching materials:

Course description

  • Maximum learning progress according to your own personal needs through tailored instruction.
  • Set your own focus for training the basic skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • Acquire German skills in very specific areas through tasks particularly designed for you.
  • Personal tutoring from the teacher, also during the culture program.
  • Full immersion because you live with a host family or your teacher.

Course Information

Course Location

Course Location

Depending on your age and desired timeframe, we will recommend a course location ideal for you. Of course, we will take your suggestions and preferences into consideration when making the placement as well. Generally, we recommend smaller locations for younger participants because it is easier to orient and integrate oneself there. On the other hand, larger cities with more sites and places of interest and a richer variety of cultural offerings are more suitable for older participants. The program includes two afternoon leisure activities per week (total duration approximately 5 hours).


Host family accommodation

Host family accommodation

Most of our carefully hand selected host families live in quiet neighborhoods in the suburbs. However, the city center is within easy access via public transportation. You will be completely integrated into the life of your German host family, but you will need to bring along an understanding of and tolerance for the local habits and customs. The host family may not have time for you all day long and certain German habits, such as eating a traditionally large meal at noon and not cooking in the evening, are all part of the intercultural experience. A successful program requires a certain amount of independence and initiative on your part and an openness to your host's lifestyle.

Many of our participants prefer to live in a family, but to be taught by a  teacher outside the family. If you would like to be housed with a teacher explicitly, you should make this known at the time of booking.

Small groups

Small groups

Are you planning to come to Germany with a group of two or three friends and are interested in the Private German Program? Because the instruction takes place in a small group, the costs of the course are reduced. However, the group must organize itself. Ask your friends and acquaintances if they would like to come to Germany with you. To ensure that you speak German, each of you will be housed in a different host family where you will be fully integrated into their family life. This doesn't mean, however, that your host family will be taking care of you 24 hours a day. You need to bring with you a certain amount of independence and personal initiative so that you can find a connection as soon as possible.


Included in the price:

Placement test at beginning

Personal assessment interview

Individual tuition

Course Certificate

Family accommodation, full board

2 activities per week (5 hours)

from1000 €

per week


Package Price1week 2weeks 3weeks --weeks
10 lessons per week--
15 lessons per week--
20 lessons per week--
25 lessons per week--