Bethanys' Experience

Study Location: Berlin
Course: Standard Course - Duration: 24 weeks
Accommodation: Host Family
Country of Origin: USA



Why do you want to learn German?
I am learning german because I studied International Marketing in my undergrad and thought learning German would open many doors for me.

Why did you choose did deutsch-institut?
I chose did deutsch-institut because my sister attended did deutsch-institut and highly recommend it.

Why did you choose Berlin?
I chose Berlin because not only is it the German capital, but it also has so much history as well as many new exciting things going on the present.

What do you especially like about Berlin?
I especially like the exposure to so many different types of people from all walks of life.

What’s your favorite place to visit after class?
I love to go to a nice café to do homework, on Oderberger Straße.

What are your personal recommendations for...

... shopping?
Go to Tauentzienstraße, there are several Zaras´, H&M and Urban Outfitters - my personal favorites, as well as Kadewe. I also go to Alexanderplatz.

... bars, cafés and restaurants?
I Personally recommend the best Café, Café Krone, it is wonderful. Bars I would recommend would be Ritter Butzke and Dachkammer, they're very fun!

... the evenings?
In the evenings I recommend going to the Sony Center Cinema, it's very nice and beautiful!

... cultural entertainment?
For Cultural entertainment I would recommend going to Revaler Straße, there are many bars there and it is and exciting night life!

...leisure time activities?
Go for a walk in any of the numerous parks in Berlin, they're beautiful. Go to a museum, Site Seeing, or go to the Sony Center Cinema.

What is a must-do in Berlin?
An absolute must do while in Berlin - Go see all the tourist sites! There are so many and they are all amazing! Especially the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall and the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe.

Which meal /drink is not to be missed in Berlin?
One cannot leave Berlin without trying Club-Matte.

Which sights are a must in Berlin?
The Branderburg Gate, The Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, Checkpoint Charlie, the West Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall - They're all incredible and full of history!

Which souvenir are you taking home?
I would take home a small statue of the Berlin Bear.

What was your best experience in Germany?
My nicest experience in Germany was day cycling around Potsdam and seeing Sansoucci and the Neue Palais. It was absolutely breath-taking.

What is typically German?
Typically German is beer, Brötchen and punctuality.

What’s your favorite German word?
My favorite German word would be: Schmetterling, I love this word because it is very pretty and as a native English Speaker I'd never imagine it would mean butterfly.

Your summary of your stay in Germany:
Overall I have been very fortunate to have experienced such an incredible time in Berlin. It has been very welcoming and exciting and i would return in a heartbeat.