COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear students and partners,

we are monitoring the situation frequently and are checking all updates of the World Health Organization (WHO). Our school directors and staff have been informed of the WHO precautions and will make sure all our students are aware of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and its symptoms. Students  are being given advice on self-protection and how to reduce the infection according to WHO. Students will be asked and assisted in the special procedures to see a doctor’s office upon any sign of getting sick or if showing infection symptoms.

The information of the German public safeguarding institute Robert-Koch-Institut ( is as well closely monitored as it provides updates on the situation in Germany. Please note that there are many unreliable information sources on the internet and we recommend always to check the Robert-Koch-Institut that provides verified information about the situation in Germany.

Preparation for Online Classes in case of school closures

Our school directors and academic staff are prepared to schedule the current courses to online classes in case school closures may be ordered by the German government or any case is reported in our schools. In the unlikely event of school closures, attending students will be able to join their classes from home with their mobile devices or desktop computers. Our teachers will make sure to continue with the learning progress according to in class teaching. Students can download the free of charge app which will be used in this case. In the event that a student is not able to join online classes, did deutsch-institut will provide with a course voucher for the time of the ordered quarantine and students can postpone the missed time.

Updated General Terms & Conditions for Changes and Cancellations

The following policies apply between 01.03.2020 and 29.03.2020. The policy applies for all students that meet the criteria below, regardless of their course duration. The changes and cancellation policy may be extended based on the worldwide situation. Please note that in case you have booked an exam (TestDaF or telc) the exam providers general terms and conditions apply. We may not be able to refund or postpone the exam.

Students who booked via education agents or other third parties are advised to contact their booking provider for information on their policies and for assistance.

Changes of course dates for individual students from affected regions

Students currently residing in official zones of quarantine with severe travel restrictions (e.g. China, South Korea, Italy - proof needed) are offered the following options till 03.04.2020:

  • Postponing the course till 31.12.2020 at no extra costs (except summer, when high season fees apply).
  • Postponing the accommodation till 31.12.2020 at no extra costs (except summer, when high season fees apply).
  • Cancellation of the course free of charge - applies only to students who have not previously postponed their course free of charge.
  • Cancellation of accommodation till Friday, 17:00 PM prior to arrival free of charge.

Please note that we students wishing to arrive from countries with quarantine zones may not be admitted to German Courses unless they have spent at least 14 days in a non-affected environment (proof needed) and show no symptoms upon arrival in school.

Re-Booking for individual students arriving to Germany between 01.03.2020 and 29.03.2020

Students booked earlier and scheduled to arrive in Germany between 01.03.2020 and 29.03.2020 are offered the following options:

  • Postponing the course till 31.12.2020 at no extra costs (except summer, when high season fees apply).
  • Postponing the accommodation till 31.12.2020 at no extra costs (except summer, when high season fees apply).
  • The minimum notice for a free re-booking is 7 days prior to the scheduled arrival.
  • Important: postponed accommodation of the same type is subject to availability.

Changes in case of a quarantine in Germany

In the unlikely event German local authorities decide to close down a school, students not able to travel will be offered the following options:

1. Students already in Germany:

  • Join did deutsch-institut's online classes instead of in school tuition.

2. Students scheduled to arrive in Germany during a period of quarantine:

  • Join did deutsch-institut's online classes instead of in school tuition from your home country.
  • Recieve refund of paid accommodation if online classes are confirmed by did deutsch-institut.
  • Re-booking to another location of did deutsch-institut not affected by a qurantine, free of charge (own travel expenses).
  • Postponing the course/accommodation to another date (see also Re-Booking)

Group Travel or School trips from Italy

No groups from Italy have been or will be arriving until 3rd April 2020 – date of travel ban announced by the Italian Ministry of Education. Groups are offered a free postponement according to our availability. If groups are unable to postpone, our cancellation policy for group travel applies. We will work closely with our partners to reduce the cancellation fees to a minimum whenever possible.