Leisure Program Oberwesel

In Oberwesel there is a lot to experience. The leisure program is a combination of sports, workshops, outdoor activities and small excursions in the local region. On Saturday, we will travel to another large city and spend the whole day underway.


SundayTime for friends / tidying upArrival / swimming or sportsIcebreaker
MondayClassesCity DiscoveryTreasure Hunt
TuesdayClassesSwimming or gamesWorkshop or sports
WednesdayClassesTower Museum in Schönburg CastleMovie night or time with friends
ThursdayClassesSwimming or art studio timeNight hiking
FridayClassesRheinfels CastleTheme Party
SaturdayDeparture or full-day excursion Time for friends

So you can get an idea of what the daily schedule is like, take a look at this example (modifications possible). Here is a PDF link with further information.

Day Trip Cologne

Day Trip Trier

Day Trip Rüdesheim