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Cooperation with us works simply and without complication. Enter your agency information on this registration form. After a quick verification, access will be granted and you will receive further information through the web portal and from our international sales team.



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Availability Summer Camps

Camps are filling up quickly. Please make sure to check availability.

As we approach the busy summer booking season, we kindly would like to remind you to reach out to our sales team to ensure availability and secure your spaces. You can reach us by e-mail contacting [email protected].

Alternatively, you can use our availability portal to check the latest availability for our junior programs, as spots are quickly being taken. Please use the following link to receive instant information:

did deutsch-institut Summer Camps Availability

Thank you!

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You need new photos for your website or brochures? Use our Flickr page with access to current photos. Please use these photos exclusively since other photos may be protected by copyright and must often be purchased.