Ana Cecilias' Experience

Study location: Munich
Course: Intensive Course - Duration: 12 weeks
Accommodation: Host Family
Country of Origin: Mexico


Why are you learning German?
I think German is a very interesting language.

Why did you choose did deutsch-institut?
You can choose between so many locations.

Why did you choose Munich?
It seems to be a nice place to live.

What do you especially like about Munich?
The people and the places you can visit.

What’s your favorite place to visit after class?
Marienplatz, Englischer Garten.

What are your recommendations for...

shopping tours?
Olympia Einkaufszentrum

... Bars, Cafés, Restaurants?
Sausalitos, Hard Rock Café

... the cultural entertainment?
Munich has a lot of museums and traveling around Germany is easy from Munich.

... leisure time activities?
Meeting with my friends, go for coffee.

What is a must-do in Munich?
Deutsches Museum, BMW, Englischer Garten

Which meal /drink is not to be missed in Munich?
Beer, Bavarian veal sausage, Prezel

Which sights are a must in Munich?
Oktoberfest, Erdinger Weißbier Brauerei, Englischer Garten

Which souvenir do you take home?

What was your nicest experience in Germany?
Getting to know the German culture and of coure meet many new people.

Was ist typisch deutsch?
Beer, Sausage, Prezel

What is your favorite German word?
genau (exact)

Your summary of your stay in Germany?
At first I was a little bit scared because I knew that German is a difficult language, but I like challenges… Since the beginning the people were really nice and I have been really happy and now I know that nothing is impossible. You have just to try really hard. Now I feel like Germany is my second home.